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Introducing Dr. Rory Gibbons

Hi everyone!

My name is Rory, I am a naturopathic doctor, and the newest addition to the Restore team! I am so excited to be part of such an incredible team of practitioners, and can’t wait to work together with them to provide you top quality, individualized, patient centered care!

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Why I Chose Naturopathic Medicine

During my undergraduate degree as a kinesiology co-op student at Simon Fraser University, I had the opportunity to experience private and public physical rehabilitation clinics. Specific exercises and other physical modalities showed improvements in patients thus allowing them to get back to their day to day lives, which is great! However, many other aspects of their lives remained unchanged; high stress, inability to sleep, poor eating habits, struggles with weight, fatigue and mood issues to name a few. If someone had the ability to educate and empower patients to take control of their health, their healing would be faster, more efficient and would most likely prevent injury and disease in the long term.

Making the decision to pursue natural medicine was an easy one as the key foundations to the success of our medicine is identifying the nature of disease, helping the body heal itself by treating the whole person, educating our patients, all with the goal of preventing disease in the future. This is not patchwork medicine. Natural medicine is designed to get you feeling awesome and keep you feeling that way!

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What You Can Expect From Your Visit With Me

Your visits with me will leave you feeling validated, hopeful and excited. My goal with you is simple: to connect with you and help you be the best version of yourself.

As a naturopathic doctor I spend time with you, listen to your concerns, ask a lot of questions, and investigate all aspects of your health. I run lab diagnostics like blood work, urine tests and saliva panels and talk to you about what your treatment goals are as a patient. From there I use effective and evidence based treatment methods to tackle the cause of your concerns. I look at the big picture of your health, and provide a comprehensive, natural, medical plan that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Functional nutrition is a large part of my practice where I use therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals to help improve the biochemical processes in the body. Additionally you will leave with dietary suggestions and maybe some other lifestyle recommendations.

It sounds like a lot, but I will make sure your plan is attainable for you. Everyone is unique and the treatment should be as well!

More About Me!

Aside from medicine a few of my favourite things include cycling, paddle boarding, snowboarding and exploring local breweries. Basically, I am a sucker for the outdoors and my goPro camera is usually in my back pocket trying to capture special moments of my wife and I’s adventures. I enjoy teaching and educating people about healthy lifestyles as I started public speaking at the age of nine years old. I am also very excited to report that my wife and I are expecting our first baby this fall, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a dad!

We believe in educating our patients and providing them with the tools to achieve long-term success in health and wellness.

Visit the Restore Clinic

South Surrey/Panorama Clinic

#101 – 15288 54A Ave, Surrey, BC

Give us a Call: 604-372-3334

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