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Anam Saiyed, Registered Physiotherapist

Anam Saiyed


Anam passed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in year 2012 from India also did Masters and finished in 2014. She worked in hospital and outpatient care since then. She came to Canada in 2016 finished her Licence exam and became Registered Physiotherapist in Canada. Since her childhood she has seen how Doctors help people to get better and developed immense respect for them since then she decided to choose a field that involves deep knowledge of how body works so she can be a part of making someone’s life better physically. All throughout these years she has treated a variety of cases and achieved positive results. She is also trained in Concussion Management and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

She understands Punjabi and speaks Hindi, English, and Gujarati. After work, she likes to go for hikes and be with nature.

Education & Credentials

Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy

Master’s degree in physiotherapy

Trigger point dry needling/IMS


Introductory Vestibular rehabilitation

Advanced vestibular rehabilitation

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