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Christiane Restore Rehab

Christiane “CiCi” Corriveau

Registered Massage Therapist

Christiane has been a full-time Registered Massage Therapist in Northern Ontario since 2013 after graduating from Collège Boréal in Sudbury, Ontario. In her little hometown, she is praised for her healing touch and her ability to connect with the client’s body on all levels.

She is also an energy worker, practicing as a LightPriestess, having received her level 2 attunement in 2017. Her approach to bodywork is rather unique. She works to slowly engage with the body to assess what it needs, working to alleviate any tension or pain by integrating Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point style massage, Myofascial and connective tissue release, and Reiki.

She believes we all contain the innate ability to heal and uses an intuitive approach to create the ideal environment for your body to unwind.

Through compassionate and careful listening, she addresses both physical and energetic issues, gently ushering your body toward peace, balance, relaxation and the potential for deep releasing of all kinds. Her soul has been pushing for her to share her gifts with those who are ready to start their healing journey.

Providing healthcare that is unique to each individual and their goals.