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Telsea Campbell

Registered Nurse

Cosmetic Injection Specialist

Telsea Campbell grew up in BC’s beautiful interior and relocated to the lower mainland in 2004 to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics. Throughout her junior and high school years, she competed in numerous sports/activities including volleyball, dance, and gymnastics.  Naturally, her interest in physical activity drove her in an athletic career direction.

After graduating with her BHK, Telsea worked in the health and fitness industry as a kinesiologist and personal trainer for 6 dedicated years. She specialized in rehabilitation however enjoyed the ever-changing and unpredictable needs of various clients with various personal fitness goals. Telsea began training vigorously and competed at the provincial and national level as a bodybuilding figure athlete taking first place and overall titles at both events. As a result her clientele slowly shifted from rehabilitation to primarily weight-loss, strength/muscle building and competitive bodybuilding athletes.

Although Telsea’s love for the fitness industry never wavered, she decided to shift her career path moderately and pursued a second degree as a Registered Nurse. She wanted to learn and understand the functions of the body below the musculoskeletal system and always felt a calling towards a career in nursing.

In 2015 she graduated from BCIT with her BSN and immediately began working as a pediatric nurse at BC Children’s hospital.  Over the nearly 4 years of work experience in this acute setting, Telsea also began a family of her own and now has two beautiful daughters.

As her educational background suggests, Telsea is a great fit for both Restore and Ora and worked as a group instructor and nutritional guide at Ora Fitness & Yoga (our sister company) in 2018 prior to the birth of her second daughter. Upon her return from maternity leave this year, Restore had a brand new career opportunity for Telsea.

She has since completed certification for the safe administration of aesthetic injectables and is now working as a Registered Nurse for us. She will be managing Restore’s new medical spa and will be our primary injector. Telsea is thrilled to have the opportunity to grow this new and exciting service for Restore and cannot wait to build a professional and supportive rapport with her future clients.

Education & Credentials

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Kinetics


Bachelor of Science Nursing

 BCIT (2015)

Certified Kinesiologist

Certified Personal Trainer

Pediatric Nurse

Certified Aesthetic Injector

Providing healthcare that is unique to each individual and their goals.