A four-week exclusive nutritional education challenge. Every day, new information will be available about the foods you eat, our bodies in relation to food, helpful tips and suggestions about what and how to eat regardless of your goals. A solid nutritional foundation is important to build towards any goals you may have. Our challenge gives you the tools for that foundation.

“I was given this body but never got a manual/direction or schooling on how to properly take care of it. [I] have tried many different diets/schemes to get down to the goal only to gain it back again. I was always focused on the weight/scale outcome to determine my happiness only to fall short and not achieve the desired outcome. My present shift has been to… focus more on adapting more healthy habits and small changes that are sustainable. I have been provided a great teacher in this group and a wealth of information to noodle on.” -Michelle

“I really loved the all-encompassing nature of the challenge and how each section focused on new ideas to incorporate into your daily life. This challenge was well structured and made logical sense in its presentation. The weekly readings and videos were to the point, interesting, and didn’t take up too much time.” -Michelle

“Was called a challenge but seemed more informative, communal, inspirational and a general eye opener” -Henry

“I struggled a lot with loving myself and obsessed over my weight. It wasn’t until [this challenge] that I felt strong, energized and finally started loving my body for the daily things it did for me.” -Keri

“When I started this challenged I felt confused. Social media is filled with so many mixed messages and images of “health”… Now, when building my meals I’m making sure they’re colourful, nutritious, and balanced.” -Keri

“I would definitely recommend this challenge for anyone wishing to focus on their health, become a better version of themselves, increase their knowledge, all in a friendly, encouraging environment. What’s stopping you?!” -Michelle

“The last 8 weeks have been very eye opening for me – I thought I was doing lots of thing “right”, but I definitely found some areas of health that I need to focus on a bit more regularly… Refocusing on these habits means that when I’m 72, I won’t need a walker and my kids won’t have to worry that every time the phone rings it’s more bad news.” -Jodi

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