Many of us are used to having drinks with our meals.

Whether it be wine with dinner, or juice with breakfasts; this isn’t a good habit to get into.

Extra fluid can dilute the stomach acid in our digestive tract, making it difficult to break down food effectively.

Drinking water before or after meals is a better idea.

Having a SMALL amount of liquid with a meal, such as 250mL (1 cup) of water with a meal may help dissolve foods and stimulate digestive juices.

The smartest way to lay out our consumption of water is by having a couple glasses in the morning, several between meals, and then several glasses leading up to bedtime.

It’s important to drink when you’re thirsty and give the digestive tract the best shot at retrieving those nutrients from the food you’re eating.


Do you drink lots of liquids with your meals? Do you drink enough water throughout the day?


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