As we come to the end of our four-week journey into the world of health…

…we want to say thank you for your participation this year. We hope each and every one of you found value in the information shared, resources posted, and our newfound community.

We hope you move forward with your newly gained knowledge held close to you. May you continue to grow and implement what you’ve learned.

If you are interested in further nutrition work, please contact Krysta at Restore via email:

We are working hard reviewing and deciding who our winners this year will be. An email will be sent out by February 2nd to our winners so please keep an eye out for that. 😉

We will also be sending out a feedback form about your experience this year, which if filled out, will offer you a FREE TRAINING SESSION with Krysta.

As your guides on this tour, we hope that you have shared our fascination and growth in your understanding and compassion for yourselves and others. We hope you enjoyed the ride. See you next year!

Holistic Mystic Nutrition Guide
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