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A bit about Dr. Suderman and Dr. Mulligan

Darren Restore Rehab Dr. Mariah Mulligan


Dr. Darren Suderman prides himself in providing the most current, evidence-based care to his patients. He works hard to find the root of the cause to his patients pain/injuries/dysfunctions, for long term success with treatment. He is a Chiropractor with additional training in various manual therapy techniques including Instrument-Assisted-Soft-Tissue-Mobilization (IASTM). He has sought out additional training in movement assessments and exercise prescriptions, with the goal of helping his patients move and feel better in their daily and physical activities! This makes Darren an amazing addition to the movement and exercise-focused team at Restore.

Dr. Mariah Mulligan brings with her a passion for pain-free movement and joyful practice. Dr. Mariah employs Evidence-Based techniques as well as a diversified and patient centered approach to care. She believes in giving her patients the tools for self-management with an abundance of encouragement and support. Utilizing thoughtful diagnostic methods and effective soft tissue manual therapies, Dr. Mariah puts her patient’s goals at the forefront of every treatment plan. Having experienced multiple musculoskeletal injuries both personally and professionally Dr. Mariah understands the emotional and physical complexities associated and works to prioritize your healing. Mariah graduated with a Bachelors of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia where she was a Student Athletic Trainer for the Thunderbirds Men’s Volleyball team. After graduating Magna Cum Lauda with her Doctor of Chiropractic and a Bachelors of Human Biology from the University of Western States in Portland Mariah made her way back to British Columbia.

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