Kinstretch with Chase:

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A bit about Chase

Chase grew up active, playing sports and enjoying the outdoors. As this passion grew, his focus shifted from general fitness to understanding how we move, function, and get the most out of our bodies. Being incredibly intrigued by the science behind athletic performance and injury recovery, this steered him to become a certified personal trainer with multiple continued education certifications to help those with aspirations of peak performance or well-being.

When training clients, Chase emphasizes tackling the underlying dysfunction or inability, making sure clients reach their goals efficiently and effectively with insightful programming and quality form. Using a scientific approach focused on joint health, Chase elevates his client’s athletic capabilities and daily standard of living to their maximum capacity. Through his knowledge and experience working with all types of clients, Chase aims to aid those in his care with injury prevention and recovery, body control, mobility, and many other facets of fitness that go unimproved by your average trainer.

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