Eversio means change.

Our mission is to change lives through fungi. We intend to do that by offering the best medicinal mushroom supplements available today. Eversio Wellness products deliver the benefits of medicinal mushrooms with premium-grade fruiting body extracts that are organic, non-GMO, and super concentrated.

Each capsule or ½ tsp of our mushroom extracts delivers a FULL THERAPEUTIC DOSE!

All of Eversio’s medicinal mushroom supplements meet or exceed Health Canada’s strict standards, including the listed maximum acceptable dose per day. It is common knowledge in the mushroom wellness research space that at least 3000mg quantity crude equivalent (QCE) of any medicinal mushroom is required per day to achieve therapeutic effectiveness. You can be confident that all of Eversio’s products list and provide more than 3000mg QCE per capsule (or ½ tsp of powdered extract bled) for an efficacious dose of mushroom wellness in a very small, but powerful serving.

  • Rejuvenate Blend: If aging gracefully isn’t going like you hoped it would, this is the moment for rejuvenation with 6 mushrooms that support the beauty of all-natural longevity from within
  • Everglow Now: If your skin is dull or dry and you’re missing the radiance of youth, this is the moment to get glowing with hydrating tremella. Let’s glow!
  • Protect Now: If you’re feeling your age and inflammation has your skin or joints out of sorts, this is the moment to protect what’s previous with Chaga’s free radical fighting forces!


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