Meet Brenna, owner of Citrine & Rose!👋

You may already know Brenna as Restore’s Reiki Healer and a yoga instructor for Ora but you may not know about her business Citrine & Rose! 🌹


Citrine & Rose is a small business that hosts fun, wellness-focused workshops and sells various locally made products with the goal of promoting the crafts of individuals in the local community. With her focus on personal growth and healing, this partnership is a great fit!


Brenna truly embraces the balance of mindfulness, movement, and nutrition and hopes to help others lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. ❤️


One lucky participant will receive a $50 value gift box of locally made items tailored to the themes of this challenge!


“Good luck on this amazing journey” – Brenna, owner of Citrine & Rose 🙌


Follow Citrine & Rose on Instagram @CitrineAndRoseOfficial or visit her website at

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