Holistic Nutrition Services

What is Holistic Nutrition?

The philosophy of holistic nutrition is that health is an expression of the connection between physical, mental, emotional, as well as spiritual and environmental aspects of life. Holistic Nutritionists approach health and healing from a whole-person perspective.

Using nutritional education as a primary tool, holistic nutrition professionals emphasize the building of health by approaching each person as a unique individual. This requires fully engaging the individual in their health recovery process and working in an empowering manner to achieve goals and optimal health.

What to expect?

When you book with Krysta initially, you will receive an intake package that you discuss in detail at your first appointment with her. The initial consultation is an hour, and she will dig into your life in order to fully understand every aspect of you as an individual. What you eat, how you eat, your sleep habits, your stress levels, coping mechanisms, and more!

You will work together to decide what goals and bench markers are important to reach. She will create recommendations based upon your first meeting and each week she will be in touch to see how you’re doing with creating new habits surrounding those recommendations.

Each month you will either have a video chat or an in-person conversation to determine what lifestyle changes have been positive and easily adapted, and which need to be refined, optimized and continued work.

Holistic Nutrition

About our Nutritionist

Krysta graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2016 but has been interested in health sciences and culinary pursuits long before that. With a love for cooking and food, she expanded her knowledge by becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist amongst other continued education.

Now she feels as though she can help her clients and patients achieve their goals inside and out of the gym. Whether you come to see her for training or nutrition, she puts an emphasis on lifestyle because what goes into your body is just as important as how you treat it externally and mentally.

Krysta believes that lifestyle, mindset, movement, rest, and nourishment are key to a healthy balance. A holistic approach to client sessions includes simple yet challenging, and efficient recommendations with an emphasis on education and lifestyle changes.

Her goal is to educate clients and patients in order to obtain positive behavior change and create lifelong healthy habits.


Providing healthcare that is unique to each individual and their goals.