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Chris Krammer


Chris Krammer is a Registered Physiotherapist and avid human performance enthusiast. Initially inspired by his love of sports and training, Chris pursued a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology at UBC, with the goal of becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach. During his undergraduate, Chris worked as a personal trainer for older adults, and as a Student Strength Coach for the UBC Varsity Athletes. During this time, he became frustrated by the impact of recurrent pain and injury on his clients and athletes, and resolved to pursue a Masters in Physical Therapy, aiming to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to help solve the problems that limited his clients’ performance and enjoyment of life.

After graduating in 2019, equipped with an extensive exercise background and thorough clinical foundation, Chris built a successful physiotherapy practice in Vancouver and Richmond, and continues to develop an ever-deepening holistic understanding of the Human Machine. Now, in 2023, Chris has joined the team at Restore Rehab and Wellness – his goal is to share what he’s learned and experienced, and continue serving as a guide on the rehabilitation journey, giving each individual the tools they need to take direct control of their health.

Chris treats with a combination of manual therapy and strategic therapeutic exercise. His treatments are designed to help his clients discover flow and reconnect to their bodies, removing pain barriers and opening the door to new levels of performance and a deeper enjoyment of life.

When he isn’t helping people return to their favorite activities, Chris enjoys wood and metalworking, painting, and finding his own moments of flow through snowboarding and training jiu jitsu.

Education & Credentials

Bachelor’s of Kinesiology (UBC)

Personal Training

Neurodynamics Level 1 and 2

Be Activated Level 1 and 2

RPR Level 1 and 2 online

David Grey’s Lower Body Biomechanics

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