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Lynn Todter

Personal Trainer

Lynn boasts an extensive career spanning more than 17 years within the fitness industry, encompassing personalized training regimens and a diverse array of group fitness. Her lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle commenced in early childhood with involvement in gymnastics from the tender age of 2, and subsequently, she fostered a deep engagement in various athletic pursuits. Lynn’s professional trajectory took flight at a gym, where her love for weight training ignited and her dedication to supporting others flourished.

Over the years, Lynn has collaborated with a wide array of individuals, spanning all ages and skill levels. Her ultimate goal? To ignite a genuine enjoyment for staying active. Her guiding principle is clear: finding an activity you love is the golden ticket to sticking with it. Amidst her approach, Lynn seamlessly weaves humor, compassion, and unwavering encouragement, creating an environment where striving for your personal best feels not only attainable but enjoyable.

Providing healthcare that is unique to each individual and their goals.

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