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Mariam Rafik

Mariam Rafik

Registered Kinesiologist

Mariam has a strong belief that rehabilitation is wholistic and a multidisciplinary task. She comes with experience in programming for various musculoskeletal injuries, improving quality of activities of daily living, return-to-work conditioning, and concussion rehabilitation.

Also, Mariam is able to work with soft tissue release and is certified as a pain free performance specialist. She has a strong mental health background through working with patients on exposure therapy, community integration and independent living – Thus she prioritizes mental wellbeing and comfort as a means to a positive rehabilitation experience.

Aside from her work experience, Mariam has volunteered with various multicultural groups and individuals with a wide range of abilities. Her experiences give her a strong ability to work with clients from varying age groups from kids to older adults and different backgrounds.

Outside of work you can find her exploring new coffee shops or climbing boulders, but one of her first loves is baking!

Education & Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology

BCAK Certified

Functional Assessment of the Spine and Extremities

Cervical Considerations for Concussions

Pain Free Performance

Soft Tissue Release

Providing healthcare that is unique to each individual and their goals.