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Nicole Stokes


Nicole grew up in the town of Caledon, Ontario and was first exposed to physiotherapy as a young soccer player. Due to the nature of the sport, Nicole sustained injuries that lead to her to the local physiotherapy clinic where she began to appreciate the benefits of treatment. She thoroughly valued the one on one patient interactions she shared with her physiotherapist, as well as the use of physical activity to tackle the root of the problem rather than treat her symptoms alone.

In high school, Nicole sustained a concussion that was not appropriately managed due to a lack of knowledge in the area at the time. After being pushed back into playing soccer by her coaches merely a week after the injury, she admits that she felt persistent symptoms that lasted into her undergraduate studies at Western University. Her experience brought her to her interest in concussion management, which she expressed by joining a club in university to help screen young athletes for concussions in the community. More recently, she has taken a concussion workshop in Toronto to help expand her treatment approach, and she plans on continuing to grow her knowledge in this area. After she completed her undergraduate degree in kinesiology at Western University, Nicole worked as a kinesiologist and personal trainer.

She worked heavily with patients post motor vehicle accident and commonly treated brain injuries, whiplash, and low back pain. She ran boot camp sessions at her local gym, as well as one on one personal training sessions for individuals with specific medical conditions, such as stroke and osteoarthritis.

Nicole attended Western University for her Master’s in Physical Therapy. She was first exposed to pelvic floor physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation during her clinical placements. While interacting with patients, Nicole could see the benefits and sincere appreciation patients had for receiving this specialized form of treatment. Her experience lead her to taking her pelvic floor levels and vestibular training courses after graduating. In Ontario, Nicole worked in a women’s health clinic, as well as a general orthopaedic clinic. She treated conditions such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain. She helped run a chronic migraine and headache program in conjunction with the clinic’s massage therapist, as well as treated vertigo/dizziness and other vestibular impairments. Nicole is excited to advance her career in British Colombia, where she plans on satisfying her love of hiking, adventure, and continuing education.

Education & Credentials

Master’s of Physical Therapy

Western University (2018)

Honours Specialization in Kinesiology

Western University (2015)

Mulligan Concepts

Lower Quadrant (2018)

Dry Needling

Lower Quadrant (2019)

Manual Therapy

Level 1 (2018)

Bernard Tonks Vestibular Rehabilitation

Introductory and Advanced Training (2019)

Shannon McGuire’s Concussion Workshop

Level 1 (2018)

Soft Tissue Release – Jim Bilotta

Upper and Lower Quadrant (2017)

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy (Internal & External)

Pelvic Health Solutions: Levels I – III (2018/2019)

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