Personal Training, Mobility, and Rehabilitation

The Benefits of Personal Training, Mobility, and Rehabilitation

Pain free training starts with a thorough assessment. Our team of trainers Krysta, and Chase start each client with a Functional Movement Screen. The Functional Movement Screen or FMS for short is our tool for standardized movement screening to see how an individual, no matter their age, is moving in everyday life. It takes into account both mobility and stability and equips our team with information to make programming decisions with precision and purpose.

From bodyweight to kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells, are all included in our pain free training model and depending on how your assessment goes will determine what modality of fitness we chose to use for your specifically designed program.

We also offer Kinstretch both private and in a semi-private model for our clients if they are looking to improve full body function and rehabilitate from injury.


Kinstretch Classes

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops flexibility, usable range of motion, and overall body control. It also helps reduce and prevent injuries and promotes joint health. Kinstretch is based around utilizing your own internal strength with the goal of being able to take on more load in the joints and connective tissues.

In order for your hip to take on load and generate force in a squat, deadlift, lunge, or any other movement, your joints and surrounding tissues needs to function well. How do you improve joint and connective tissue function? Kinstretch.

Krysta is Restore’s head trainer and mobility specialist. She runs her Kinstretch sessions in a relaxed and multi-level fashion. Everyone is welcome, at any fitness level. She focuses on body awareness, injury prevention and recovery, as well as increasing range of motion and flexibility.

If you’re frustrated with your progress in the gym, injured, or keep getting flare ups, kinstretch is for you. Call us at (604) 372-3334  or email for more details and registration.

Kettlebell Workshops

Kettlebell training is a type of strength and conditioning work that uses a kettlebell (a cast-iron or steel weight with a handle) to perform exercises working multiple muscle groups at once. It is a highly effective way to improve your overall fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. The kettlebell’s unique design allows for a wide range of dynamic, full-body movements that can help you burn calories, build muscle, and improve your overall performance.

This series of workshops goes over the fundamentals of basic and advanced Kettlebell maneuvers; instructing how to safely utilize these exercises to maximize strength and cardio in your workouts. Along with learning these movements, the skills gained, such as proper form and body awareness, transfers to all training modalities.

Chase and Krysta have studied under the StrongFirst masters, the gold-standard when it comes to kettlebell training and instructing. Having gone through a rigorous testing process to ensure their capabilities, as well as utilizing kettlebells in their own workouts, Chase and Krysta are beyond experienced and knowledgeable.

For further details, including dates and times, pricing, and registration, please call our front desk: (604) 372-3334 or email

Kettlebell Workshop

Youth Training

This specialized training is for young athletes who want to elevate their game in the best way. Using a scientific With FRS and StrongFirst principles at the forefront, individual athletes get science backed stimulus that not only increases performance and educates throughout their sport and fitness journey. Key areas include injury prevention and recovery, longevity, body awareness, coordination, reaction time, and power. Athletes from ages 6-14 will enjoy challenges that push them to evolve in each area of physical and mental aptitude. Parents and coaches are welcome.

For further details, including dates and times, pricing, and registration, please call our front desk: (604) 372-3334 or email

After School Training Program

Restore’s After School Training provides youth an opportunity to increase their physical well-being through fun games and challenges in a social environment. Ensuring children have not only enough physical activity, but the right activity, will help in their development of skill-based areas of fitness such as coordination, body awareness, and balance. This program aids in physical and mental health, as well as longevity while teaching kids the do’s and don’ts of physical activity. It’s never too early to start guiding our youth towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

For further details, including dates and times, pricing, and registration, please call our front desk: (604) 372-3334 or email

Afterschool Training

Functional Range Assessment (FRA) – 60 Minutes

Most of us go through life tolerating things like neck and back pain or a shoulder that doesn’t seem to move right. 

Most people think stiff and achy joints are the norm, so they accept it and hope it gets better over time and yet, it rarely does.

Low back pain, arthritis, and other various musculoskeletal conditions are directly related to your joint health. Joint health is determined by the joint’s range of motion – both passively and actively. Flexibility (i.e. passive joint range of motion) is valuable, but having mobility (i.e. active joint range of motion) is even more valuable.

This is why we measure both and evaluate the quality of your joint movement. The healthier your joints, the healthier your physical body and movement.

The FRA® is a measurement-based assessment system that provides objective measures of a person’s movement capacity for each and every articulation (joint). With this knowledge, training inputs can be directed at the individual’s specific deficits.

The FRA provides precise, scientific, baseline measurements so it is perfect for assessing before and after progress to objectively show results.

Krysta will use the FRA to:

  • Establish your baseline of movement capacity at each and every joint.
  • Quantify the passive and active range of motion for each joint.
  • Evaluate the quality of your movement patterns.
  • Direct you to the appropriate treatment and/or training exercises to improve your deficits.
  • Periodically re-evaluate your movement to check in on your improvements over time.

Call us at (604) 372-3334  or email  to book.

Athlete Training

This training is specialized for athletes looking to take their game to the next level. Targeted towards the elite, this training program will push you to new heights, separating you from the competition. Using a scientific approach with FRS and StrongFirst principles at the forefront, individual athletes get unique training that not only increases performance, but focuses on areas such as injury prevention and recovery, longevity, body control, mobility, and power. This training is all about bringing out your maximum potential by training smarter, not harder. Train like the pros to play like the pros.

Athlete Training

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